Here‘s a quick design comparison.

I love that Migros is trying out things, but aren’t consumers ultimately paying for the double effort?

A few months ago, Coop closed its online store coop@home and brought into play instead. And yes, you can order groceries from and have them delivered to your home. But the actual service being sold is a different thing.

What do customers buy on

Most customers who order groceries from certainly do…

A few days ago I attended a talk on “Better integration of SAFe & UX”. In it, “proponent[s] and opponent[s] of SAFe”, Jeff Gothelf and Luke Hohmann were discussing aspects about SAFe, or more aptly: discussing aspects of “agile”.

We weren’t really touching on user experience in SAFe as I…

What we’ve learned from looking at other telcos and at what consultants are recommending

At Swisscom, we are currently organizing our customer journeys into an all-encompassing structure.

To prepare, we’ve researched how other telecommunications are doing this, and how some consulting firms see the topic. For each approach, I’ll quickly share what makes them unique.

Maybe the overview can help you with your own design to structure those customer journeys (and maps) you’re working with.

Telco A

A thought experiment for after the lockdown

„Tickets and IC‘s, please!“, the three public transport employees call friendly but firmly when they enter the car. Everyone lifts their smartphone in anticipation of showing their ticket app but also gets out their wallet — everyone but one young professional in a dress suit. …

Mastering Lean UX is no easy task for a team. Here’s how I’m trying to transform 50 of them. I call this the Lean UX pool party.

Better products at scale

Jett Gothelf’s book titled Lean UX outlines a plan for working together to create better products. Its focus lies on how a single team manages a single product — not so much on how to transform a company towards Lean UX.

Many teams at Swisscom have this same challenge, but…

I’ve only read the Lean UX book in the past few weeks. While most of the things it proposes weren’t new to me I found it a very stringent description of how things should be done.

Since I work around digital services I would have wanted to have all my work colleagues (a few hundred people) read the book. Since that’s illusory I built a self-assessment. I’m using it to optimize the way we work.

You can, too.

Why is it public? Well, on the one hand I wanted to have a bigger audience profiting from it. On the other hand, it’s a lot quicker and easier to build a thing with SAAS tools outside the big corp I’m working in. Less rules.

So there you go.

Please let me know how it can be improved.

If you missed customer experience in the scaled agile framework (SAFe), you’ve misunderstood its core.

When first exposed to SAFe you’re learning dozens of new terms and abbreviations. You get a grasp of how things are supposed to work and maybe you’re also trying some things out in a demo session or two. …

If everyone loves your customer experience mock-up it might become real

Don’t try stealing the seven-league boots, have everyone make small steps in the same direction (Le Petit Poucet, Gustave Doré, GFDL)

Guerrilla experiences create demand

Last year we’ve exchanged ideas with a telco from another market in Europe. They showed us presentations they call inspiration documents which they use to outline how great their customer experiences could be. They’re beautiful, insightful and very tangible.

While previously the presentation started with the research they’ve done and…

How transparency drives collaboration in customer experience management

Roadmap from the tool Jira Portfolio | © Atlassian blog

In my last article, I wrote about us at Swisscom improving many new experiences at the same time. What we haven’t solved is how we align those experience deltas over time, I said.

Baby steps: collating information

As a very first step, we’ve introduced a dedicated experience roadmap. It really is just your regular…

Felix Kaiser

Experience is the product

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